[Figure 1- Sign discussing the defining history of Alexandria, Virginia- Image from American Roads and Global Highways –]

In conclusion, these Italian male immigrants transformed what it meant to be an Italian immigrant. These men were no longer temporary immigrants, but instead established family networks, started their own businesses, and worked for railroad companies such as Fruit Growers Express. Throughout the history of Italian immigration, these immigrants were not permanent and moved throughout Europe for jobs then returned home. Once Italian men began migrating to the United States in the late nineteenth century to mid twentieth century, they settled, got married, and had children. Some families we studied in this research project brought their parents, or other members of their families, others came by themselves and made a new life for themselves. Many of these men worked as unskilled laborers, but others were fortunate enough to have their own businesses. We hope to have provided our viewers with new detailed information on Italian immigrants and why these Italian male immigrants were unique to previous immigrants that solely stayed in Europe.