Bolivian Immigration to Alexandria, VA


Dancers at the Festival Boliviano 2016 at Prince William Fairgrounds. Taken by Hugo Veramendi.

A Study of Post-1965 Bolivian Immigration

Research by Courtney Burrows, Courtney Squires, Kelly Haynes, and Natalie Griffitts

I. Thesis

II. Introduction

III. Causes of Bolivian Immigration

  • First Wave; Pre-1965
  • Second Wave; Post-1965

IV. Impact of Laws on Bolivian Immigrants

  • Laws Affecting Entry to the United States
  • Laws Affecting Experiences once in the United States

V. Mobilization of Bolivian Immigrants

  • Where Bolivians Emigrated
  • Why Bolivians Chose Alexandria

VI. Connections among Bolivian Immigrants

  • Fluid Spaces
  • Transnational Connections

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Bibliography