The Dinh Family

When reading the article about the Vietnamese family with 6 graduates from the University of Virginia in 1996, I became interested to see where they are now in comparison to then. Most of the information was easy to find thanks to the internet. However, their parents, Thuc and Thanh Dinh, have been much harder to track.

Thuy Dinh, the oldest sibling who graduated UVA in 1984, works as a lawyer for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, located in Washington, D.C. This Commission works for the government and must be the same one stated in the article as she has been there for some time.[1]

Elyse Dinh, UVA class of ‘88, received a Rhetoric and Communications degree and is now an actress and video producer. She is most known for her roles in Spider-Man 2, Fear Effect, and the Watchmen. Here is a link to her bio on IMDB.[2]

Katherine Dinh, class of ’93, received a degree in English and later a Masters from Harvard in International Education. At the moment, she is the Head of the Sierra School in the San Francisco Bay area of California. One fact I thought was interesting is that Katherine also taught English at a small girls’ boarding school, St. Margaret’s in Tappahannock, which a number of my friends from high school went to. Small world![3]

Thuy Dinh (the second Thuy in the family; the older Thuy is his sister), class of ‘96, double majored in Sociology and Rhetoric and Communications. He has worked in various positions, but is now a owner/partner for a group named the DC Collective. It is a production company that does commercials and ads of all sorts. Here is a link to their website. [4]

Unfortunately, it was hard to find anything on the last two siblings, David ‘86 and Thomas ‘92, that was not in the article. David apparently had been working at a company in Singapore at the time of the article, so it is quite possible I cannot find sources on him.[5] I’m still hoping to find Thomas and compare his success to that of his siblings.

In doing this bit of research, I’ve grown to have great respect for the Dinh family, each one of their children are clearly very smart by their degrees they hold and are also quite successful. Well done Thuc and Thunh!

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